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Managing Softbutton Functions

Table of Contents
Managing Softbutton Functions
Defining Softbuttons
Configuring a Softbutton
Editing Softbutton Functions

On the left side of the user level screens (Live, Player and MultiView) you can find several pre-defined softbuttons on the left-hand side of the image.

You can customize these buttons in order to facilitate certain work processes or to simplify the access to certain actions or dialogs. For example, you can define a softbutton for calling the URL of an external alarm plan in an emergency or for sending IP Notify messages to other computers or cameras. Also, you can use these buttons to control the features of the pan/tilt head via the serial interface.

Defining Softbuttons

In order to edit a softbutton, you have the following possibilities:

Configuring a Softbutton

Hold down [Shift] and click on one of the softbuttons on the Live, Player or MultiView screens.

Set the function for the softbutton:

List Box


Replace button with

Specify the action to be performed.

Replace button with

Replaces the current softbutton feature by the one selected in the right list.

Insert button above

Inserts a new softbutton with the function defined in the right list above the selected button.

Insert button below

Inserts a new softbutton with the function defined in the right list underneath the selected button.

Delete this button

Deletes the selected softbutton from the softbutton menu.

No Function

Select a function for the selected softbutton.


Click on this button to temporarily store the configuration of this softbutton.


Always remember to permanently store any modifications of the configuration in the Store current configuration into flash memory dialog so that the buttons are still available even after rebooting the camera.

Executing a Command

Editing Softbutton Functions

Use the Manage Softbutton Functions dialog to edit, add and delete softbutton functions.




Enter a short unique name that can be selected later on in the feature list of the Define Softbutton dialog.


Set the color of the softbutton.


Select the desired function.


Some features require parameters. Once you have selected a feature, the related parameters are displayed here. Use spaces to separate multiple parameters and enter the parameter values with preceding "=" characters. For more information on the required parameters, see the HTTP API help topic.


To delete a softbutton, select the Delete this button option of the button and click on Set.


  • To add a new function, fill in the fields of the last row and click on the Set button. This will temporarily store the definition and add a new, empty row.

  • Click on either the Function or Name link to sort the table accordingly.

  • Once you have added a new function, you can select it for a softbutton as described under Define Softbutton by [Shift]-clicking a button.

Konfiguration sichern

Klicken Sie auf Setzen, um die Einstellungen zu aktivieren und bis zum nächsten Neustart der Kamera zu sichern.

Klicken Sie auf Voreinstellung, um diesen Dialog auf die werkseitigen Voreinstellungen zurückzusetzen (dieser Button wird nicht in allen Dialogen angezeigt).

Klicken Sie auf Wiederherstellen, um alle Änderungen seit dem letzten permanenten Speichern der Konfiguration zu verwerfen.

Beenden Sie den Dialog durch Klick auf Schließen. Hierbei wird geprüft, ob Änderungen der Gesamtkonfiguration vorliegen. Ist dies der Fall, werden Sie gefragt, ob die Gesamtkonfiguration dauerhaft gesichert werden soll.

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